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Want to learn how to sing, but you're an absolute beginner and have no idea where to start? This course is for YOU! Judy Bechar is a singer/ songwriter who has performed in concerts and private shows from Vegas to Tokyo...and she will show you how.

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Tried Singing Before but Failed?

I developed a unique singing technique for YOU.

Build The Confidence You Need To Perform Anywhere

Learn to sing like a pro with International Performer, Songwriter & Singing Coach Judy Bechar who has worked in the music industry for the last 25 years. As a singing coach to thousands, she has discovered the key principle of how to sing and perform with confidence.

Judy gives students a workable vocal program that allows them to build confidence with every lesson while learning to sing the way they always wanted to.

Learn to Sing with Confidence

  • All lessons are on a gradient so you accumulate wins along the way which helps motivate you to reach your goal and be the singer you want to be.

  • Across the board – our students become competent singers that know exactly what will come out of their mouth when they open up to sing. Gain control over your vocals and know how to produce the sounds you want to produce.

  • Step-by-step vocal training with notable results after each lesson. You don’t have to be a perfect singer or have any experience, we can teach you to sing and sound how you always wanted.


About Judy Bechar

Judy Bechar is an international singer/song writer, a voice coach, artistic developer and music producer, who has been working in the music industry for the last 25 years.

She performs all around the world: Paris, Las Vegas, Vienna, Israel, London, New York and much more…

Judy sings in six different languages: English ,Spanish, Italien, French, Hebrew and Russian.

Her music studio is located in Florida U.S. and she has trained and worked with over 300 students from around the world in the last three years.

Her special and unique singing technique is derived from the 200 years old ‘Bell Canto’ (beautiful singing) Method that was mainly created for opera singers.

Judy developed this method for any singing style and many of her students are practicing this method successfully and are able to reach high and low notes with confidence and less effort.

"Judy Bechar is a miracle worker. She personally helped me get though a recent "vocal crisis" by giving me tools that handled it beautifully. I've seen the results of her teaching students of every age and they all - one for one- gain a self confidence and improved ability that comes from a) her true care for the person and b) a knowledge and technical expertise that can only come from being, herself one of the finest singers on the planet, who wouldn't want to study with her? She's simply the best there is."

David Pomeranz

What's in the course?

Here Is Everything You Get Inside You CAN Sing!

  • Lesson 1: Your Voice

  • Lesson 2: The Breathing Technique

  • Lesson 3: Finding Your Range

  • Lesson 4: Singing Technique (Bel Canto Method)

  • Lesson 5: More About Bel Canto Method

  • Lesson 6: Bel Canto Method (continued)

  • Lesson 7: Practice Video

  • Lesson 8: Pronunciation When Singing

  • Lesson 9: How To Learn A New Song

  • Lesson 10: The Secret To Successful Singing

  • BONUS: Record Yourself Singing And Send It To Judy for A FREE Private Voice Lesson and Her Best Tips To Keep Improving!!

When you add it all up,
that's a total real-world value of $2,212

All for Just $284!


You CAN Sing!

(Online Course)



10x Singing Lessons

(Florida Only)


You've got Questions

I've got answers!

When does the program start?

The You CAN Sing! Online Course is an on-demand, go at your own pace program that you can begin at any time.

How Long Do I Have Access?

You will retain lifetime access to You CAN Sing! including all singing lessons, voice techniques and video training.

What is your refund policy?

Judy wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase! If you buy You CAN Sing! complete all singing lessons and voice exercises, and do not see any improvement in your ability to sing, email support at for a full refund.

I really want to do this, but I just have a lot on my plate right now.

I hear ya! Luckily, You Can Sing! is a study-at-your-own-pace program, with easy short video lessons you can complete in less than 20 minutes.

Will the app work on desktop AND mobile?

YES! You can access the entire You CAN Sing online course on both mobile AND desktop.

Have a question that wasn't answered above?

Send me an email at [email protected] and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.


You Deserve to Feel Confident About Your Singing

Want to learn how to sing, but you're an absolute beginner and have no idea where to start? This course is for YOU! Judy Bechar is a singer/songwriter who has performed in concerts and private shows from Vegas to Tokyo...and she will show you how.

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